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Other ways to give

There are many ways you can give tax-deductibly to the Chordoma Foundation. If you have any questions or would like to discuss donation options please contact us or call (919) 809-6779.


We gladly accept gifts of publicly traded stock, publicly traded bonds, mutual funds, and certificates of deposit. The full fair market value is deductible as a charitable contribution up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. Plus, you can avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of your gift.

  • To make a gift of securities fill out a “Partial Outbound Transfer” form at your brokerage instructing them to transfer the securities to the Chordoma Foundation. The details you will need to put on the form are as follows:
    • Receiving Firm Name: Wells Fargo Advisors
    • DTC Number: 0141
    • Receiving Account Title: Chordoma Foundation
    • Receiving Account Number: 6726-0860
  • If you have any further questions, you can call Wells Fargo Advisors at (800) 678-1188.

Real estate

Gifts of real estate such as a house or other personal residence, farm, commercial building, and undeveloped land that you have owned for more than a year entitle you to a tax deduction for the fair-market value of the property, while allowing you to avoid paying capital gains tax.


Corporate matching donations

You may be able to double or even triple the impact of your donation through a matching gift from your employer. Talk to your human resources department to find out if your company will match gifts made to the Chordoma Foundation.


Vehicle donation

To donate your car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle to the Chordoma Foundation, please fill out the secure donation form here or call (877) 537-5277. A representative will help you schedule a pick-up and will explain the tax benefits of your donation.



The Chordoma Foundation

Tip: Make it easier to donate by using the browser extension Smilematic, which will automatically redirect you to AmazonSmile whenever you shop at Amazon!

eBay for Charity

You can support the Chordoma Foundation on eBay by selling for charity or buying to support charity. When listing an item, sellers can choose to donate a percentage of an item’s final price through the PayPal Giving Fund.

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Evite Donations

You can raise money for the Chordoma Foundation while collecting event RSVPs through Evite. Your guests can make donations without leaving the invitation, and the best part is no fees! 

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Sell for Good on Nextdoor

You can sell items on Nextdoor and donate the proceeds to support the Chordoma Foundation. When listing an item for sale, select “Sell for Good” and select the Chordoma Foundation.

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