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Our shared quest

Fundraise for the Chordoma Foundation

The stage is set for transformative new chordoma treatments to be available in our lifetime, and we're all working together to get there. When you fundraise for the Chordoma Foundation, you’re making an extraordinary difference in our fight against this disease.

How to become a Chordoma Champion

From the beginning, our story has been one of patients and families coming together to accomplish big things. Among our most inspiring supporters are Chordoma Champions, who rally their personal networks to fundraise for the Chordoma Foundation. Your fundraising efforts – no matter the size – will have an enormous impact on chordoma research and care. And bringing your own community together in support of a wonderful cause makes for a truly rewarding and fun experience.

You can host a fundraiser in three easy steps:

Create your page

Start by creating a Chordoma Champions page for your fundraiser. Use your page to share how you’ve been affected by chordoma and what our mission means to you.

Spread the word

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to your event, or ask them to make a donation to your online page. Let them know why their support is meaningful!

Celebrate your effort

Thank your supporters for helping you speed the path to better treatments, better care, and better experiences for everyone affected by chordoma.

Limitless ways to fundraise

  • Join or create a run, walk, or hike. Organizing a team or running independently in support of the Chordoma Foundation is a wonderful way to help the cause. Simply sign up for any race in your area, create a fundraising page on our site, and ask your friends to support your feat!
  • Organize a sports tournament. Bring your community together with some friendly competition. Bowling, golf, soccer, basketball, football, pickleball, and volleyball all present perfect opportunities to collect donations from participants and spectators. These events can provide a prime opportunity for local businesses to donate, too.
  • Host a game night. Game nights can be small gatherings or large affairs. Whatever your game of choice — from Monopoly to charades to trivia — this is a fun way to connect with others. Encourage participants to pay to play, and consider working with a local restaurant to host the event.
  • Coordinate an exercise class. Work with a local gym or fitness studio to get in a workout while also raising money for a worthy cause. Ask instructors if they are willing to donate a class, and invite friends and family to attend.
  • Bring the neighborhood together with a yard sale. Clear out unused items from your home while bringing in funds to support chordoma research.
  • Host an auction. Auctions are a great way to spread awareness and raise money for a worthy cause. Host the event at your home, a venue, or park and collaborate with businesses to offer exciting auction prizes to attendees.
  • Organize a restaurant partnership. Reach out to your favorite restaurant to see if they would be open to a “percentage night.” Invite those in your community to attend and enjoy reconnecting over a delicious meal.
  • Host a party. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or just for fun (you don't need a reason to throw a party!), gather your friends and family in support of the Chordoma Foundation. You can include raffles and donation jars, and encourage donations instead of gifts.

Virtual and social media fundraisers

Virtual fundraisers can be set up for any occasion or milestone. Our community members have created fundraising pages for personal athletic goals, to celebrate their birthday or another holiday, to mark the beginning or completion of treatment or a cancer-related anniversary, to honor a living patient, or to establish a memorial fund for a loved one.

With you every step of the way

We're here to help!

Chordoma Foundation team members can:

  • Help you brainstorm ideas
  • Assist you with publishing your online fundraising page
  • Connect you with other successful fundraising volunteers
  • And more!

Email our fundraising experts

Tips from fellow Champions

How to reach your goal

  1. Make your fundraising page personal. Add a photo and describe your connection to chordoma.
  2. Be the first to make a donation. Demonstrate to others that you’re fundraising for a cause you believe in.
  3. Share your fundraiser on social media. Let people know why their donation is meaningful to you. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can all be effective platforms to collect donations.
  4. Email the page to your network. Email has been shown to be THE most effective way to collect donations for online fundraisers.

Begin your fundraiser


Frequently asked questions

How do I set up a fundraising page?

It's super easy! Click here, then select “Become a fundraiser” and complete the prompts that follow.

Are donations tax-deductible?

The Chordoma Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, donations to fundraising pages on our site are tax deductible, and donors will receive a tax receipt. If the event organizer collects donations in person at a fundraising event, donors who wish to receive a tax receipt from the Chordoma Foundation should make checks payable to the Chordoma Foundation.

Alternatively, if the event organizer is personally collecting payments (e.g, attendees give directly to the organizer via checks, cash, Venmo, etc.) in order for the organizer to send the proceeds to the Chordoma Foundation later, individual donors cannot receive tax receipts from the Chordoma Foundation.

How are donations used?

Donations are used to improve the lives of those affected by chordoma and lead the search for cures. The Chordoma Foundation invests in three mutually reinforcing program areas: research, patient services, and healthcare improvement. While working to develop better treatments for tomorrow, we’re creating a better experience for those living with chordoma today

Can the Chordoma Foundation reimburse me for event expenses?

No, but you can pay for event expenses using event revenue and send the net proceeds (revenue minus expenses) to the Chordoma Foundation

What if I want to fundraise with a team?

Absolutely! Email us and we’ll help you set it up.