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Treatment guidelines

Chordoma experts have developed detailed recommendations on the way chordoma should be diagnosed and treated. Learn more on the pages linked below.

How should chordoma be treated?

The Chordoma Global Consensus Group is a multidisciplinary, international group of over 60 doctors who specialize in caring for chordoma patients. This group of experts has developed consensus treatment guidelines based on all available medical and scientific evidence on chordoma treatment and patient outcomes. These guidelines were created as a reference for doctors, to help them provide better and more consistent care to their chordoma patients.

As part of our commitment to helping patients and caregivers make the most informed treatment choices, we have made those same guidelines available to you on these pages. Visit the page that corresponds with your current situation, read the information carefully, and discuss it with your doctors.

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New diagnosis

If you have been told you have or might have chordoma, you will most likely need surgery and radiation. The way surgery is performed and the dose and type of radiation given are very important to your outcome.

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Local recurrence

If your chordoma has returned in the same area, there are specific ways to determine what treatment options to consider.

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Advanced and metastatic disease

If surgery and radiation are no longer the best options or chordoma has spread to other places in the body, other options including ablative therapies and systemic therapies should be considered.

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We're here to help

The Chordoma Foundation is a resource for anyone affected by chordoma. We're here to help you understand the disease, learn about how it's treated, find qualified doctors, and connect with others in the chordoma community.

Patient Navigation Service

Our free and confidential service connects you with a Patient Navigator who will be available to you at every step of your journey with chordoma, to help you get the best care possible.

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Chordoma Connections

Our private online community, Chordoma Connections, is a place for chordoma patients and their loved ones to ask questions, share updates, learn about research advances, and connect with others around the world.

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Doctor Directory

Our Doctor Directory is a vetted list of doctors around the world who have experience with chordoma. This resource is available to help you locate and contact doctors to start discussing your options right away.

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