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Annual reports and financials

2023 Annual Report

Onward and upward

Stepping up to seize today's opportunities

One day individuals affected by this disease will no longer have their lives threatened by it, and, when that happens, it will be because people like you believed that this is a solvable problem and did what you could to solve it.

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2022 Annual Report

Owning our destiny

Setting the stage for much faster progress

Among other milestones, 2022 was the year we launched Chordoma Foundation Labs — and with it, finally gained the ability to translate discoveries into new treatments at a pace that matches the sense of urgency we feel.

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2021 Annual Report

One in a million, but not alone

Fifteen years of progress, connection, and hope.

In the years since our founding, together we’ve changed much of what it means to face chordoma. And while the urgent need remains for new treatment options, we’ve never been more optimistic about what’s on the horizon.

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2020 Annual Report

Remarkable resilience

What's revealed when "normal" isn't an option.

Your steady generosity meant that progress against chordoma hardly missed a beat.

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2019 Annual Report

Going all in

It's time to seize the moment for chordoma.

A confluence of recent advances has created unprecedented opportunities to deliver the first effective treatments to chordoma patients alive today.

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2018 Annual Report

More progress, more hope

Setting the bar for catalyzing progress against a rare disease.

Like compounding interest, the accumulated impact of our work together has made possible more progress on more fronts than ever before. And with that progress, more reasons to be hopeful about the future.

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We pride ourselves on being a responsible steward of your donations and take a deliberate, milestone-based approach to investing in science and services that improve lives and accelerate cures. Our commitment to excellence in financial management and transparency is recognized by Guidestar.

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, donations to the Chordoma Foundation are tax deductible (Tax ID: 20-8423943). To learn more about tax-deductible contributions see IRS Publication 526. State licensing information can be found here.

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Governing documents

Every gift adds up to better options for patients

We've put a plan in place to make chordoma a manageable disease. With the help of everyone affected, we could get there in time to help people facing chordoma today.