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If you or someone you care about is dealing with chordoma, our Patient Navigation Service can answer your questions, explain treatment options, help you find qualified doctors, and more.


Leading the search for a cure

We proactively and strategically initiate, manage, and fund research across the globe to accelerate the development of effective treatments and ultimately a cure for chordoma.

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    Josh's story
  • Accelerating the Search for the Cure: Sharon Berlan
    Sharon's story

Featured champion

Michelle and Danny K.

Chordoma survivor Danny K. arrived at his 40th birthday party expecting to spend time with close friends and family, not knowing his wife, Michelle, had a secret plan.

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Featured researcher

Michael Lim, MD

At Johns Hopkins, Dr. Michael Lim is known by his impressive string of appointments. We know him for his fierce dedication to improving the lives of chordoma patients.

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Chordoma Biobank

Contribute to Our Biobank

Patient tumor tissue is critical for research needed to find a cure. Our Biobank enables patients to help advance research by donating excess tumor tissue.

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