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MAC Fund

Moving Ahead for Cures (MAC)

Mac Sinise, the son of Gary and Moira Sinise and brother to Sophie and Ella, fought bravely against metastatic chordoma for more than five years before succumbing to the disease. Determined to bring to fruition his hope for cures, in 2024 the Sinise Family established the Moving Ahead for Cures (MAC) Fund in his memory. Donors to this fund are enabling us to bring new, more effective treatments to chordoma patients as quickly as possible.

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  2. Moving Ahead for Cures (MAC)

MAC Fund

Current goal: Help 100 chordoma patients access new, more effective treatments

During his battle, Mac and many who cared for him catalyzed significant research advances which have helped identify new therapies that are now moving into clinical trials for the benefit of others facing chordoma.

To finish what they started, the MAC Fund’s ambitious current goal is to enable 100 patients to benefit from the latest advances in chordoma therapies — a feat that will require $2M. Incredibly, the Sinise Family along with their friends Terri Yontz, George Joseph, and Jim Courter have kickstarted this goal with $975,000 in generous contributions.

Join them as a MAC Fund supporter

MAC Fund

Dollars raised toward $2M goal

Together, we can help 100 families affected by chordoma get more precious days, months, and years with their loved ones. Your donation today will:

  • Fuel the laboratory work needed to identify new, effective chordoma treatments, particularly for individuals with advanced or metastatic tumors like Mac’s.

  • Support the launch of new clinical trials for promising medicines.

  • Enable 100 chordoma patients to access those new trials.

More details about the initiatives supported by the MAC Fund

  1. Accelerate translational research. To generate and begin to test promising treatment discoveries in a laboratory setting, we invest in complementary and collaborative projects around the world. This includes work in our own research lab, Chordoma Foundation Labs (CF Labs), which we launched in 2022 with support from the Sinise Family and others. CF Labs is enabling us to rapidly conduct the critical experiments needed to expedite novel chordoma treatments. Inspired by the sense of urgency felt by Mac and others, our first-of-its-kind lab is creating a new model for rare cancer research in which much faster paths to cures are possible.

  2. Get new, more effective drugs to the clinic. We strive to rapidly move promising therapies from the lab to clinical trials, especially for the benefit of patients with advanced or metastatic chordoma like Mac faced.

  3. Drive clinical trial enrollment. Removing obstacles to clinical trial participation is vital to propelling quick enrollment, so we provide assistance to chordoma patients for their travel to clinical trial sites. By ensuring that eligible individuals can participate in these trials regardless of financial barriers, we vastly accelerate the pace at which the drugs being tested can reach doctors’ toolkits for the benefit of a far greater number of chordoma patients.

Because of you, those of us who continue to face chordoma have reason for hope.

We'll always carry Mac's memory with us as we continue to fight for cures, and we'll forever be grateful for the contributions and commitment of the Sinise Family, their friends, and each of you standing with us in this quest.

(You can use the Comment field when donating to send a message of support or thanks to Gary Sinise and his family.)