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Serving the worldwide chordoma community

Wherever you are in the world, we are here to support you throughout your entire journey with chordoma.


Our efforts to accelerate cures and help patients get the best care and outcomes possible are in service of the worldwide chordoma community. The support and resources you'll find throughout our entire site are available to individuals in any country. And no matter where you're located, you can contribute to our shared mission.

In addition, because the chordoma diagnosis and treatment journey can vary by country, we offer additional local resources in some countries, including Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK. We're grateful to our international Ambassadors, who have helped develop our local resources based on their own experiences as patients and caregivers.

Visualize the worldwide chordoma community

There’s strength in numbers. By making ourselves more visible, those of us affected by chordoma can bring much-needed attention to our situation and the urgency of our shared mission to find cures.

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  3. Encourage companies and researchers to open clinical trials in your area

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Our map partners

We're thankful to the following organizations who support our chordoma community map, and who are our partners in serving the worldwide chordoma community.

Our Ambassadors

Our volunteer Ambassadors help chordoma patients and families outside the U.S. connect with local resources — and each other. They also help distribute educational materials to medical centers and identify chordoma-experienced doctors in their countries, ensuring that patients have good local treatment options. We are grateful to be working with such an amazing, committed group of Ambassadors, and we encourage you to connect with an Ambassador in your country.

Meet our Ambassadors

Ways to help

We know chordoma is a solvable problem. How fast it gets solved depends on the contributions of every one of us affected: whether by donating, hosting a fundraiser, or participating in research. There are lots of opportunities for each of us affected by chordoma to fuel research advances that will dramatically improve treatments and outcomes.