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Unwrap progress against chordoma this holiday season

If better chordoma treatments are on your holiday wish list, the season of giving is an ideal time to host a virtual fundraiser.

Taking action

If better chordoma treatments are on your holiday wish list, the season of giving is an ideal time to host a virtual fundraiser for the Chordoma Foundation. Among the many ways to support our shared mission, fundraising through your personal network is one of the most impactful: it brings new awareness to our rare disease, and many more sets of hands to help us fuel meaningful progress.

During this generous time of year, your friends and family will be delighted by the opportunity to offer you a more meaningful gift than those found in stores. (Bonus: no delivery delays!)

How it works

1. Create a fundraising page on our website (click here, then select “Become a fundraiser”).

2. Personalize your page with a photo and some details, such as how you’ve been affected by chordoma and why supporting the Chordoma Foundation is important to you.

3. Be the first to make a donation. There’s no better way to demonstrate to others that you’re fundraising for a cause you believe in!

4. Email your fundraising page directly to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Our past fundraisers have found that sending the link directly via email is THE most effective way to garner donations. Example message:

Hi friends, instead of gifts this holiday season, I’m requesting donations to the Chordoma Foundation. As many of you know, chordoma is a cause close to my heart. The Chordoma Foundation is entirely dedicated to accelerating research and improving patient care for this disease. By making a donation here [link to personal fundraising page], you’re giving me the gift of hope that will last long after the holidays are over. Your support means a lot to me, especially this time of year. Thank you!

5. Share your fundraiser on social media (don’t forget LinkedIn!). Tell your network why the cause is meaningful to you, provide updates on your goal, and thank individuals who’ve donated so far.

We’re deeply grateful to the numerous chordoma community members who’ve already hosted fundraisers this year, and we look forward to seeing this become a new holiday tradition for many more. We’ve never been more hopeful for the future of individuals and families facing chordoma, and we couldn’t achieve our uncommon pace of progress without you.

Virtual fundraising: Beyond holidays

Virtual fundraisers can be set up 365 days a year, for any occasion or milestone. Our creative community members have created fundraising pages for athletic goals, in honor or memory of a loved one, to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, to mark the completion of their chordoma treatment, and more. If you have questions about virtual fundraising (or setting up an in-person event!), or want to discuss your ideas, reach out to our development team for a one-on-one conversation.


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