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Gifts of hope: How to dedicate your birthday to progress against chordoma

Each year, members of our community dedicate their birthdays to the Chordoma Foundation with virtual fundraisers, collectively raising many thousands of dollars to advance chordoma research and support patients. We invite you to join this committed group of birthday fundraisers — it’s a piece of cake.

How it works

There are three easy options for hosting a virtual birthday fundraiser:

  1. Facebook is the most popular option. Click here to begin a personalized fundraiser, then click the “Create” button.
  2. Create a fundraiser on Instagram. Create a post and tap “Add Fundraiser” in the same screen as where the caption is added.  
  3. Set up a customized Chordoma Champions page on our website. Click here, then select “Become a fundraiser” and fill out the short form that follows.

Tips for a successful fundraiser

  • Make your page personal. Adding a photo of you and explaining your connection to chordoma is a compelling way to maximize support.
  • Be the first to make a donation. There’s no better way to demonstrate to others that you’re fundraising for a cause you believe in.
  • Share your link on social media — multiple times. Provide updates on your goal, thank individuals who have donated so far, and remind people why their donation is meaningful to you. And consider sharing your link on additional social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Email your fundraising page to your network. Sending the link directly via email is THE most effective way to collect donations. (Keep in mind: Your loved ones will see your birthday fundraiser as a welcome opportunity to honor you and show their support!) Include a personal message about why you’re asking for support, and a specific request to donate.
  • Set an ambitious goal. Challenge your supporters to help you meet a specific dollar amount. If you meet it quickly, celebrate with a post to thank everyone — then increase the goal!
  • Show appreciation. Send DMs or tag contributors in a public post to say thanks.

“People are in my corner”: Why your peers love hosting birthday fundraisers

Here’s what three chordoma patients had to say about their recent fundraising success:

“A birthday fundraiser is a great way to support the Foundation. It enabled people who followed me through my chordoma journey to connect with me and show support, even from miles away. It reinforced how many people are in my corner.”

Todd Vallie

“This is the second year I’ve done a virtual fundraiser. Chordoma is close to me: I was diagnosed in 2013 and I’m still fighting it, with a second recurrence. The research the Foundation has done to find possible cures is fantastic. Since I live in a small town, I knew a virtual fundraiser was the best way to reach my friends and high school classmates.”

Wanda Fuller

“I support the Foundation with personal donations, but wanted to help more. I’m not a runner, so I couldn’t be sponsored in a race. I’m not good at setting up in-person events, so that was out. But I do have generous friends! And it’s so easy to have a birthday fundraiser. I sent the fundraiser to all my Facebook friends, and many donated.”

Donna DiMuro

Virtual fundraising: Beyond birthdays

Virtual fundraisers can be set up 365 days a year, for any occasion or milestone. Our creative community members have created fundraising pages for athletic goals, in honor or memory of a loved one, to celebrate wedding anniversaries, to mark the completion of their chordoma treatment, and more. If you have questions about virtual fundraising (or setting up an in-person event!), or want to discuss your ideas, reach out to for a one-on-one conversation.

We’re incredibly grateful to our growing community of fundraisers, and we look forward to partnering with you in our shared quest to ​​find better treatments for chordoma and help patients facing this disease today.

Fundraising is one of many ways the chordoma community can help us further our mission. More ideas can be found right this way.

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