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Clinical Trial Assistance Program

Provide tangible, urgently needed support to a chordoma patient on a clinical trial


For a chordoma patient with advanced disease, one of the hardest things to hear is that further surgery or radiation are no longer good options.

Thankfully, Chordoma Foundation scientists and partners are identifying more and more promising systemic therapies that may be able to meaningfully extend the lives of patients at this treatment crossroads: like cetuximab, the newest drug to be evaluated in a clinical trial we’re supporting.

(Cetuximab is one of the few drugs that’s passed our rigorous clinical trial review process. It’s demonstrated an impressive ability to stop or even shrink chordoma tumors in laboratory experiments, and there have even been three published anecdotes of chordoma patients benefiting from it off label. Read more about this compelling evidence here.)

Chordoma patients have a chance to participate in this trial. But they’ll each need to travel to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston every two weeks. The cost associated with traveling to this clinical trial is a barrier that’s challenging, if not impossible, for many eligible patients to overcome.

People in our community who could benefit from this drug shouldn’t be limited by lack of ability to pay for travel. So we’ve started a new fund to help ease their struggle, and ensure the trial — which will generate crucial knowledge about how best to treat this disease — can be a success.

Our gratitude goes out to these patients and their families, whose effort to participate will benefit many future patients. And we appreciate those of you who will help shoulder their burden by donating today:


Helps with a flight to Houston

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Helps with a hotel stay

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Helps with three meals

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