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  2. Support important chordoma research in Europe

Support important chordoma research in Europe

Help us better understand chordoma biology to identify new therapeutic targets and expand treatment options for chordoma patients


“What’s needed is a comprehensive view into the biology of chordoma tumors and how they vary across patients, and that’s what we’re aiming to generate. Our vision is to be able to tailor treatment approaches to the unique profile of each patient’s tumor.”

Dr. Stefan Fröhling, National Center for Tumor Diseases, Germany

Our progress toward accelerating cures for chordoma is a result of global participation, and our shared efforts will benefit patients around the world. Today, people affected by chordoma in Europe have a unique opportunity to contribute to an important research project taking place nearby.

A team at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg led by Dr. Stefan Fröhling is conducting the largest and most comprehensive multi-omics analysis of chordoma to date. Their multi-omics analysis – in which layers of biology (such as DNA, RNA, and proteins) are studied to generate a more complete picture of the processes by which chordoma develops and grows — is expected to uncover new therapeutic targets and inform personalized treatment strategies for chordoma patients.

The first phase of this project, which we funded in 2021, generated exciting results toward these goals. Now, in order to make their findings actionable, the researchers need to study additional chordoma samples — including from pediatric patients — and add additional layers to their analysis.

How can the study help chordoma patients?

The findings of this project could benefit chordoma patients in the near term if potential targets are identified for which approved drugs already exist, or if they point to the potential for an existing clinical trial to help chordoma patients.

The team needs 50.000 EUR to undertake the next phase of this work. We’re excited to announce that all donations up to 25.000 EUR will be matched, leaving a gap of 25.000 EUR.

How can you help?

If we all give what we can to Dr. Frohling’s research project, we’ll help his team develop the critical understanding of chordoma biology needed to identify new therapeutic targets and inform personalized treatment strategies for chordoma patients.

A tax-advantaged donation mechanism is now available in your country. If you have any questions please email us.

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