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International donations

The Chordoma Foundation is an international organization; our work with scientists and physicians, research funding, and support for patients spans the globe. Likewise, we depend on the support of donors across the world to make these programs possible.

We have established mechanisms for donors throughout Europe to receive tax benefits for donations to the Chordoma Foundation. See your country below for instructions for making a tax-deductible donation. Additionally, donors anywhere in the world can donate by credit card in $USD directly to the Chordoma Foundation.


The Chordoma Foundation has a fund established with the UK Fund for Charities (UKFC), which, through it’s partner organization Charities Aid Foundation, participates in a program called Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) that enables cross-border giving in Europe. By donating to a TGE partner charity in your country, you can direct your donation to the Chordoma Foundation’s fund at UKFC.

Visit the TGE website to find a TGE partner in your country »

United Kingdom

UK taxpayers, regardless of residency or nationality, can make donations through the UK Fund For Charities. You can donate to UKFC online (type “The Chordoma Foundation” under UKFC International Programme) or fill out the UK Fund Donation Form and mail along with your cheque to:

The UK Fund for Charities
PO Box 50 Lingfield, RH7 6FT
United Kingdom


Lees hier meer over de mogelijkheid om te doneren

Dutch donors can make tax-deductible gifts to support the Chordoma Foundation online via iDeal, PayPal, or by bank transfer.

If you’d like to make a gift by wire transfer or EFT payment, please email or call (919) 809-6779.

The Chordoma Foundation is a non-profit charity established in the United States under the U.S. IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) and qualifies as a “public welfare institution” (in Dutch, “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling” or “ANBI”). This classification means that, if you are a Dutch resident, any donations made to the Chordoma Foundation are deductible from your income tax subject to the normal tax rules on the donations deduction under Dutch tax legislation. We provide the following information to comply with requirements under the ANBI.

Our mission and purpose:
Improve the lives of those affected by chordoma and lead the search for a cure.

About the Chordoma Foundation


Governance and Remuneration Policies
Names and Positions of Members of the Board of Directors

To the extent financially capable, the Foundation will strive to provide a base salary that meets or exceeds the market’s 50th percentile for comparable positions, when employees are fully proficient in their positions and meeting expectations. Organization budget size, nonprofit program area, geography, and other pertinent factors will be considered when determining comparable market compensation. The salary of the executive director is publicly reported in our 990. The Board of the Chordoma Foundation is non-remunerated and may receive only reimbursement of necessary traveling expenses to attend Board and committee meetings.

Annual Report & Financial Statements
A report of our activities, including our financial accountability, is provided in our annual and financial reports (see Audited Financial Statements for our latest financial statement).

Contact Information

  • Physical address: Chordoma Foundation 2520 Meridian Pkwy Suite 480 Durham, NC 27713
  • Mailing address: Chordoma Foundation P.O. Box 2127 Durham, NC 27702
  • Telephone: +1 919-809-6779

Additional Information
Our RSIN (or Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Identificatienummer) is 8255 13 601.


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