Chordoma Foundation

Why Donate

The success of our mission to find a cure depends on the generosity of our supporters. We depend on you, and, in return, we know that we owe it to you to demonstrate why a donation to the Chordoma Foundation is a good investment. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should feel good about donating:

1 We are the only organization whose mission is to bring about a cure for chordoma.
Guided by a world-class scientific advisory board (SAB), we have developed a comprehensive research roadmap to systematically advance the development of new treatments for chordoma.
Because chordoma is relatively slow growing, today’s chordoma patients stand a chance to benefit directly from discoveries brought about by our research initiatives.
We have a track record of success with a very modest budget.
We operate with urgency; rather than passively waiting to receive grant applications (as is customary for research foundations), we proactively initiate, facilitate and fund high-impact projects that our SAB identifies as top priorities.
We are strategic: in addition to providing funding for research, we create the conditions needed to develop new treatments by supplying the scientific resources required to study chordoma (such as tumor tissue and cell lines), and we speed the pace of discovery by facilitating communication and collaboration among chordoma researchers.
7 We leverage many times our budget in research funding by creating partnerships and seeking out opportunities to include chordoma in ongoing research projects. For example, by providing chordoma cell lines to over 45 labs, we have focused millions of dollars worth of research on chordoma that otherwise would not have been possible.
Rare cancers account for a quarter of all cancer cases and are the number 4 killer world-wide. We are solving problems faced by hundreds of rare cancers, so the impact of our work could reach far beyond chordoma. Already, research supported by the Chordoma Foundation has led to discoveries relevant to all cancers.
9 Because chordoma is uncommon, each and every chordoma patient, and everyone who cares about someone affected by chordoma, is critical to our success. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will make a meaningful impact.
10 Right now, important research projects are ready to begin as soon as we raise the money to fund them.

With your support, we can make even more remarkable progress. When you donate to the Chordoma Foundation, you will help bring about new treatments for this devastating disease. Most importantly, you will give hope to all of those who it affects.

If you are ready to give, please consider these ways to donate. If you have questions or would like more information before donating, please feel free to contact us.