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“Fundraising for the Chordoma Foundation is such a meaningful opportunity. It’s easy, fulfilling, and so much fun. You feel like you’re changing the world.”

– Renée Butler, mom of chordoma survivor

From the beginning, our story has been one of patients and families coming together to accomplish the improbable. Among our most influential supporters are people who create fundraisers for the Chordoma Foundation. These fundraising volunteers rally their personal networks to donate toward our work to find a cure for this disease.

Creating a fundraiser is an impactful way for those of us affected by chordoma to fuel research advances that will dramatically improve treatments and outcomes.

How to start a fundraiser

  1. Decide whether your fundraiser will be in person or online only. (See our lists below for lots of ideas and themes!)
  2. Create a personalized fundraising page on our site. Whether or not your event has an in-person component, you’ll want an online landing page for your fundraiser. Follow the prompts to set up the page, starting with “Become a fundraiser.” Use the customizable sections of your page to share how you’ve been affected by chordoma and what the Chordoma Foundation’s work means to you.
  3. Be the first to make a donation. You’ll set an example for others and get the ball rolling toward your fundraising goal.
  4. Spread the word about your event to family, friends, and colleagues. Invite them to your event, or ask them to make a donation to your online fundraising page. Let them know why your support is important to you!
  5. Celebrate your success! Thank your supporters for helping you speed the path to better treatments, better care, and better experiences for everyone affected by chordoma. At the end of your fundraiser, you’ll also have the opportunity to be featured on the Chordoma Foundation’s social media channels and in our newsletter.

We’re here to help!

The Chordoma Foundation will support your efforts every step of the way.  We can:

  • Help brainstorm ideas
  • Assist you with publishing your online fundraising page
  • Connect you with other successful community event planners
  • Provide you with email and social media templates you can use to spread the word to your network
  • Send you Chordoma Foundation materials such as a banner, pamphlets, and wristbands, if your event is in person
  • Help spread the word about your fundraiser to others in the chordoma community

Get in touch with our fundraising team

Virtual fundraising ideas

Virtual fundraisers can be set up for any occasion or milestone. Our community members have created fundraising pages for personal athletic goals, to celebrate their birthday or another holiday, to mark the beginning or completion of treatment or a cancer-related anniversary, to honor a living patient, or to establish a memorial fund for a loved one.

In-person fundraising ideas

  • Join or create a run, walk, or hike. Organizing a team or running independently in support of the Chordoma Foundation is a wonderful way to help the cause. Simply sign up for any race in your area, create a fundraising page on our site, and ask your friends to support your feat!
  • Coordinate a sports tournament. Bring your community together with some friendly competition. Bowling, golf, soccer, basketball, football, pickleball, and volleyball all present perfect opportunities to collect donations from participations and even spectators. Sporting events can provide a prime opportunity for local businesses to donate, too.
  • Host a game night. Game nights can be small gatherings or large affairs. Whatever your game of choice — from Monopoly to charades to trivia — this is a fun way to connect with others. Encourage participants to pay to play, and consider working with a local restaurant to host the event.
  • Coordinate an exercise class. Work with a local gym or fitness studio to get in a workout while also raising money for a worthy cause. Ask instructors if they are willing to donate a class, and invite friends and family to attend.
  • Host an auction. Auctions are a great way to spread awareness and raise money for a worthy cause. Host the event at your home, a venue, or park and collaborate with businesses to offer exciting auction prizes to attendees.
  • Organize a restaurant partnership. Reach out to your favorite restaurant to see if they would be open to a “percentage night.” Invite those in your community to attend and enjoy reconnecting over a delicious meal.
  • Host a party. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or just for fun (any reason is a good reason to throw a party!), gather your friends and family in support of the Chordoma Foundation. You can include raffles and donation jars, and encourage donations instead of gifts.

These are just a few of the endless creative ways to put your interest and passions to work on behalf of the chordoma community. Whether you choose an idea here or think of something completely new, we’re here to help you make it easy and fun.

Tips for reaching your fundraising goal

  1. Make your fundraising page personal. Adding a photo of you and explaining your connection to chordoma is a compelling way to maximize support.
  2. Be the first to make a donation. There’s no better way to demonstrate to others that you’re fundraising for a cause you believe in.
  3. Share your link on social media — more than once. Provide updates on your goal, thank individuals who have donated so far, and remind people why their donation is meaningful to you. Use every platform you participate on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can all be effective platforms to collect donations.
  4. Email your fundraising page to your network. In our supporters’ past experience, sending the link to your online fundraising page directly to your contacts via email or text is THE most effective way to collect donations for online fundraisers or from those in your network who can’t make it to your in-person event. We recommend including a personal message about why you’re asking for support, and a specific request to donate.

Inspiration from your fellow fundraisers

  • “When I started to tell my chordoma story, people came out of the woodwork – family, friends, elementary school classmates, former teachers, people in the town where I grew up. It was incredible. So many people wanted to help.” – Maureen Schroer, chordoma survivor
  • “The Chordoma Foundation is SO worthy of any support they can receive! It was because of this conviction that I decided to host a fundraiser. With help from the Foundation staff, I created an online page (very easy to do) to raise awareness for chordoma and give people an opportunity to donate. I was so surprised and encouraged to see how readily people came on board! They were so happy to have an opportunity to support me and the Chordoma Foundation.” – Kim Mahr, chordoma patient
  • “It was amazing to have Team Chordoma and our fundraising effort grow once again. What has been so meaningful is the increasing involvement of the broader Chordoma Foundation community in making this event such a success. I look forward to engaging even more community volunteers and runners next year.” – Steven Mandel, chordoma survivor
  • “Noah made a lasting impression on everyone he met. We chose to benefit the Chordoma Foundation through a fundraiser because of what it’s doing to accelerate new treatments for pediatric chordoma. We wanted to help that part of their mission and honor Noah’s memory at the same time.” – Kathy Flores, mom of late chordoma patient, Noah
  • “We knew that Mick’s future depends on treatments being available to him. Who better than us to make sure that research is funded? Our fundraiser reminded us of the strength of our community.” – Noreen Potempa, spouse of chordoma patient, Mick

Frequently asked questions

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When you fundraise for the Chordoma Foundation, you’re making an extraordinary difference in the fight against chordoma. The stage is set for new treatments and cures to be available in our lifetime, and we can all work together to get there. Your fundraising efforts – no matter the size – will have an enormous impact on chordoma research and care. And bringing your own community together in support of a wonderful cause makes for a truly rewarding and fun experience.

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