Chordoma Foundation

Host a fundraiser

As a patient-driven organization, our success depends on the initiative of supporters like you. Each dollar that you raise will help the Chordoma Foundation accelerate the development of new treatments, and provide vital information to chordoma patients and their families. Contact Daniel Baroff at to learn more about how you can plan your own fundraiser.

1. Getting started

An important first step in organizing your event is to contact us. We can answer questions, provide materials, connect you with an experienced event planner, and help publicize your event. The sooner you get in touch with us, the better we will be able to assist you!

2. Community fundraising kit

Whether you have hosted fundraising events in the past or are new to fundraising, the Community Fundraising Toolkit has plenty of resources to help you effectively raise money and awareness for the Chordoma Foundation. This useful guide describes fundraising policies, donation management, publicity and media relations, as well as many of the nuts-and-bolts steps necessary to creating a successful event.

3. Plan your fundraiser

Begin making plans for your event. Will it happen on one day or take place over time? Will you invite family, friends, or your whole community to join you? Will you write letters, have a wine tasting or run in a local 5k? Whatever your idea, we are always here to help. Thank you for your support!