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Partners in treatment advances

Resources for researchers

We are grateful to the worldwide community of researchers working to improve the outlook for chordoma patients and we are here to help you succeed in that mission. To that end, we offer a range of resources, collaborative research capabilities, and funding mechanisms that can enable and accelerate chordoma research and therapeutic development. Our research team supports interested investigators and companies worldwide and we invite you to get in touch if there’s anything we can do to help you achieve your research goals.

How we can support your research

Research-enabling resources

We provide access to a large and growing suite of chordoma-relevant resources including cell lines, xenograft models, biospecimens, sequencing data, experimental protocols, and more.

Funding opportunities

We fund high impact chordoma research that addresses research priorities defined by our medical and scientific advisors. Current funding priorities include but are not limited to target discovery, predictive biomarkers, mechanisms of immune evasion, and brachyury drug discovery. Funding opportunities will be listed below when open, and you can sign up to be notified of future funding opportunities. Additionally, funding requests will be considered at any time and can be initiated by submitting a one-page letter of intent, including specific aims and estimated budget, to our research team.

Preclinical research capabilities

Our research team specializes in performing a variety of assays in well-characterized chordoma cell lines and xenograft models. Capabilities include target validation, in vitro and in vivo drug testing, biomarker identification, discovery biology for emerging brachyury therapeutics and more. We offer these capabilities to investigators and companies on a flexible basis ranging from basic data generation to deep, integrated collaboration.

Clinical trials support

We support investigator initiated and company sponsored trials with expert input on trial design, patient education and outreach, participant travel assistance, and more. Limited funding for well-justified investigator initiated trials may also be available.

Access to expertise

Our research team as well as our worldwide network of doctors and researchers can offer vast expertise and capabilities to support your research efforts. If you have questions about chordoma or are looking for partners in pursuing your research goals, we are here to help — or to connect you with others who can.

Open Funding Opportunities

The Chordoma Foundation is currently soliciting proposals across a wide range of research topics to support investigators with high-impact ideas capable of advancing our understanding of chordoma biology and treatment. Below you can find detailed information for our two open calls. Inquiries concerning the application and process should be directed to Dan Freed via email at:

Key Dates

January 15, 2024
- Letter of Intent due

February 1, 2024 - Invitations for full applications

March 29, 2024
- Full application due

July 2024 - Award notification


View a list of posters and publications that have resulted from our work, resources, and support.

Ways to contribute to our mission

  1. Apply your expertise to answering key questions about chordoma.
  2. Get in touch to explore opportunities to collaborate or discuss new research ideas.
  3. Partner with our research team on grant applications — we can contribute in a variety of ways, from providing letters of support to generating preliminary data to serving as co-applicants or subawardees.
  4. Spread the word about opportunities in chordoma research and encourage colleagues to take on chordoma-relevant projects.
  5. Contribute biospecimens, models, or data to our shared repositories.
  6. Connect us with funders, including foundations, philanthropists, or corporate sponsors, who can help sustain and accelerate our mission.
  7. Refer your patients (if you’re a healthcare provider): Our website, Patient Navigators, and peer community can provide a wealth of information and support.
  8. Sign up for our research newsletter to be informed about new research resources, funding opportunities, conferences, and more.
  9. Volunteer your skills and expertise to support our research team — examples range from bioinformatics and statistical analysis to new and cutting-edge scientific approaches.
  10. Attend the next International Chordoma Research Workshop to learn about the latest research advances and connect with colleagues and potential collaborators.

Subscribe to the latest research advances

To stay up to date about the latest advances in chordoma science, be notified of new funding opportunities, and learn about additional resources that become available to you, sign up for our newsletter.