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Resources for researchers

Preclinical research capabilities

We've developed a range of experimental capabilities – both through our in-house research laboratory (Chordoma Foundation Labs) and contract research partners – which are intended to promote the feasibility and efficiency of preclinical and translational chordoma research.

  1. Resources for researchers
  2. Preclinical research capabilities


We specialize in performing a variety of common experiments in chordoma cell lines and xenograft models. Our preclinical capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Target validation

  • In vitro and in vivo drug screening

  • Assay development and optimization

  • Identification of features associated with drug sensitivity or resistance

  • Immunotherapy co-culture experiments

  • Protein biochemistry

By making these capabilities available to the research community, we provide a means of answering important questions with comparative speed and efficiency, and to reduce barriers to translating biological insights into well-developed therapeutic concepts. We offer these capabilities to investigators and companies in a highly flexible manner: from basic data generation (akin to a core facility) in support publications, grant applications, or business decisions, to deep, integrated partnerships, collaboratively advancing projects from initial conception through clinical translation.

With extensive experience in basic and translational cancer research across academia and industry, a track record of contributing to high-impact publications, and deep technical expertise in the use of chordoma disease models, our research team can serve as a capable partner to advance your research goals. Please get in touch with our Head of Target Discovery and Translational Research, Dan Freed, to request services or explore a potential collaboration.

Drug Screening Program

One of the core use cases for our preclinical research capabilities is to enable rapid and efficient evaluation of promising therapeutic concepts in chordoma disease models, and, in so doing, to help provide justification for well-designed clinical trials. To that end, we provide in vitro and in vivo drug screening services to both nonprofit and for-profit institutions. Selected compounds are tested on an in-kind basis while others may be tested on a cost-recovery basis. Screening services can be requested by completing and submitting our Preclinical Concept Proposal Review Form. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis.


In the spirit of open science, figures displaying nonconfidential results from our Drug Screening Program and other preclinical research activities are made available online through a collection on Figshare, a digital repository that enables data to be easily cited, shared, and discovered.

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