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At the Chordoma Foundation, we work with patients, doctors, researchers and drug companies worldwide to systematically advance the development of new therapies and, ultimately, a cure for chordoma. We’ve created the conditions necessary to optimize a strong chordoma research ecosystem, such as an interconnected research community, rapid data sharing, and easy access to scientific resources.

We provide the chordoma research community with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary to accelerate the pace of discoveries. This includes:

  • Data. We maintain a compilation of published data relevant to chordoma research, including xenografts, tissue microarrays, gene expression data, comparative genomic hybridization data, and sequence variation data.
  • Models. We’ve developed numerous chordoma cell lines and xenograft models, and operate repositories to make them easily accessible to the research community.
  • Tissues. By collecting chordoma tissue samples from U.S. patients, we provide a centralized source of chordoma biospecimens.
  • Drug screening. Our Drug Screening Program provides the research community with a rapid and cost-effective means of evaluating promising therapies in preclinical models of chordoma.
  • Therapeutic opportunities. We maintain a dashboard that summarizes data on altered genes, proteins, and signaling pathways that may directly serve as (or indirectly point to) therapeutic opportunities in chordoma.
  • Funding. We offer a number of funding opportunities to academic and industry investigators intended to support research in areas identified as priorities by our Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Workshops. Our International Chordoma Research Workshop series provides a unique opportunity for investigators to connect with colleagues, exchange the latest findings and ideas, and collectively shape the future of chordoma research and treatment.

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