Chordoma Foundation

Leading the Search for a Cure

At the Chordoma Foundation, we work with patients, doctors, researchers and drug companies worldwide to systematically advance the development of new therapies and, ultimately, a cure for chordoma.

Research Strategy

  • Initiate and support high-impact research across every step of the treatment development process from the lab to the clinic:

Treatment Development Process

  • Optimize the chordoma research ecosystem to enable and accelerate the entire treatment development process by creating the following conditions:

Research Ecosystem


Proactive Collaborative High Leverage
Traditional medical research funders passively support projects proposed to them. Instead, we gather ideas from many sources, identify the most critical research needs and opportunities with our medical and scientific advisors, and proactively pursue research priorities according to a comprehensive Research Roadmap. Unencumbered by competition, we generate and freely share data and resources to enable research in labs across the world. Further, we unite doctors, researchers and drug companies in pursuit of goals that can only be achieved by working together. We focus on generating data, resources and services that enable and encourage researchers and companies to invest in chordoma or include chordoma in their ongoing efforts, thereby multiplying the impact of our investments.

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