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Current priorities

The chordoma community continuously helps us build on past progress to reach milestones that once seemed improbable. Your support is making it possible for us to press forward on a number of exciting scientific priorities in the near future, including — for the very first time — preclinical studies to test the efficacy of drug candidates that strike at brachyury, the Achilles’ heel of chordoma. We’re also making substantial headway in applying existing drugs and powerful new immunotherapy approaches to chordoma. At the same time, we’re increasing the breadth of information and support we provide to patients and families around the world.

This progress is possible thanks to your consistent generosity. Support has come from birthday fundraisers and extraordinary major gifts, from brand new friends and Chordoma Champions who’ve rallied their networks for us year after year. Each and every show of support adds up to better options and outcomes for those facing chordoma today, and we’re deeply proud of the progress you’re powering.

Brachyury drug discovery

Developing drugs that strike at the Achilles’ heel of chordoma

  • Assess preclinical efficacy of emerging brachyury drug candidates
  • Confirm safety of therapies targeting brachyury
  • Attract first industry investment in brachyury drug discovery


Applying powerful new technologies to harness the immune system to fight chordoma

  • Initiate and fund projects addressing top immunotherapy research priorities

  • Launch preclinical immunotherapy testing platform and begin evaluating nominated concepts

Drug repurposing

Systematically identifying existing drugs that can help chordoma patients in the near term

  • Initiate and support new drug repurposing clinical trials
  • Identify new treatment approaches that show strong preclinical efficacy to pave the way for future clinical trials

Patient experience

Helping patients and their families confidently take on health challenges and get the best care possible

Clinical learning

Understanding how different treatments impact patient outcomes to continually improve patient care

  • Drive enrollment in the NIH chordoma Natural History Study
  • Launch a global clinical data repository to enable multiple clinical research projects

Last updated October 2021

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