Chordoma Foundation

CF requests applications for 2013 research seed grants

Over the past several years, interest in chordoma has grown and numerous new investigators have ventured into chordoma research. During the same period, opportunities for new research have also multiplied as cell lines and animal models have become available, and key features of chordoma biology have been revealed.

The Chordoma Foundation has previously awarded seed grants to eleven investigators. Dozens of additional researchers across the world are ready to begin new chordoma research projects, but, to get started, the vast majority of these researchers need seed funding from the Chordoma Foundation. To meet this need, the Chordoma Foundation is offering peer-reviewed seed grants of up to $50,000 to support investigator-initiated projects that will advance the development of effective treatments for chordoma.

An important component of the Foundation’s comprehensive Research Roadmap, these grants are intended to enable researchers to start projects, test ideas, or generate preliminary data that could help leverage additional funding sources and lead to sustained chordoma research programs. Projects that will be supported include, but are not limited to: identifying mechanisms driving chordoma pathogenesis; characterizing potential therapeutic targets for chordoma; developing and characterizing chordoma model systems; and developing and testing therapies for chordoma.

Applications are reviewed by an independent NIH-style peer review committee comprised of subject-matter experts. Applications that are scored favorably but not funded during the initial awards cycle may be funded as additional money becomes available.

Letters of intent are due April 15th, and, for those invited to submit an application, the due date is June 3rd. Awards will be made by August 31st.

For more information, see the request for applications on our funding opportunities page.