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2019 Annual Report: Going ALL IN

2019 Annual Report

In humanity’s long fight against cancer, many have given selflessly to change the odds for those who will come next. But seldom have opportunities arisen that can change the outlook for those currently fighting – for science to outpace the progression of an individual’s disease.

For chordoma, that moment is now.

Our 2019 Annual Report details how a confluence of recent research advances have cleared a path to identify existing treatments that could help chordoma patients in the near-term, and, incredibly, created a line of sight to the first treatments that strike at the Achilles’ heel of chordoma.

It also tells how many in our community have rallied behind our recently-launched $16M ALL IN campaign to bring these unprecedented research opportunities to fruition, while at the same time helping patients and families confront chordoma with confidence and get the best care possible along every step of their journey.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has gone all in with us to create a brighter future for those living with chordoma. Your support made it possible to invest a record amount in new research and allowed us to serve more patients in more parts of the world than ever before. Thank you for standing with us. We are so proud to stand with you.


invested in research


lab consortium funded to advanced brachyury drug development


members in Chordoma Connections


drugs/combinations tested through our Drug Screening Program


existing drugs screened for activity in chordoma 


patient navigation cases served

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