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Latest annual report highlights ten years of uncommon progress

2016 annual report

Today we are excited to share a special edition of our 2016 annual report, which details both the specific achievements of the past calendar year as well as the cumulative accomplishments of the last decade. It tells the story of how, with your help, we’ve systematically blazed a path toward better treatments, better medical care, and a better experience for everyone who faces chordoma, and created a global movement of patients, families, doctors, and researchers who are working together to improve lives and find a cure.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. With your help, we’ve made significant progress toward our goals and positioned the Foundation to achieve an even greater impact in the years ahead.

We invite you to read this report to learn how your support is helping to:

  • Develop better treatments
  • Drive better care
  • Serve the chordoma community

From dramatically changing the outlook for chordoma patients, to creating a research and discovery model that other rare cancers are beginning to follow, we’ve come a long way together. But, our work is ongoing, and we won’t rest until everyone affected by chordoma is able to overcome the disease and maintain their quality of life.

10 year timeline of uncommon progress

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