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Improving lives. Accelerating cures.

One in a million, but not alone

The commitment and participation of everyone affected by chordoma is fueling progress that's virtually unprecedented for a rare cancer. With your help, dramatically better treatments are possible — and they could be available soon.

Honor Mac Sinise's legacy

Moving Ahead for Cures (MAC)

Mac Sinise, the son of Gary and Moira Sinise and brother to Sophie and Ella, fought bravely against metastatic chordoma for more than five years before succumbing to the disease. Determined to bring to fruition his hope for cures, in 2024 the Sinise Family established the Moving Ahead for Cures (MAC) Fund in his memory. Donors to this fund are enabling us to bring new, more effective treatments to chordoma patients as quickly as possible.

We will forever be grateful for the generosity and commitment of the Sinise Family and everyone who stands with us in this quest. Because of you, those of us who continue to face chordoma have reason for hope.

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Newly Diagnosed? We Can Help.

We offer expertise, resources, and support so you can get the best care and outcomes possible.

If you're new to chordoma, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. Our Patient Navigation Service — a free, confidential resource — is an excellent place to start. Our Patient Navigators can answer your questions, provide information about treatment guidelines, help you find qualified doctors, and connect you with others in the chordoma community who have been through a similar journey.

(And if chordoma has been part of your life for awhile, our Patient Navigators are here for you, too.)

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What to do next

We're here to support you throughout your entire journey with chordoma, from diagnosis through survivorship. We provide a wealth of information to help you understand chordoma, make informed decisions, and get the best care possible.

Read more in this step-by-step guide.

Understand chordoma

Learn about the disease including what it is, who is affected, risk factors, prognosis, and more.

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Plan your treatment

Read about surgery, radiation, and other treatments for chordoma, and when those treatments should be considered.

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Find a specialist

Search our Doctor Directory of nearly 150 chordoma specialists around the world to find an experienced care team.

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Improve side effects

Address the quality of life issues that most frequently affect people during or after chordoma treatments.

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We believe cures are possible

We envision a future in which everyone affected by chordoma is able to overcome it and maintain their quality of life. And because of the commitment of everyone in our community, we've made a lot of progress: We've turned what was once a neglected, lonely disease into one we can solve — together.

Layered approach

To achieve better treatments, outcomes, and care for chordoma patients, we invest in three mutually reinforcing programmatic areas encompassing research, patient services, and healthcare improvement.

Strategic research

We're advancing a comprehensive research roadmap that spans every stage of treatment development, and we run the only laboratory in the world 100% dedicated to accelerating cures for chordoma.

Active participation

The more people who contribute, the faster we'll be able to achieve our ambitious shared mission. Thankfully, there are numerous opportunities for everyone affected by this disease to help dramatically improve outcomes.

The best community you never asked to be a part of

Support from someone who knows what you're going through can make all the difference. Fortunately, the chordoma community is full of people eager to share their experiences, serve as a sounding board, and help you find your way.

Peer Connect

We can match you with a trained Peer Guide: a patient or caregiver who has been down a similar path.

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Online community

You can join Chordoma Connections, our private online community, to exchange information, experiences, and encouragement.



We offer virtual and in-person opportunities to learn from and connect with experts and other people affected by chordoma.


Serving the worldwide chordoma community

Wherever you're located, we're here to support you throughout your entire journey with chordoma. Check out our world map to see our growing number of chordoma patient data, stories, and resources in your country.

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Support patient-driven chordoma research

Every gift accelerates cures

Together, we’ve already changed much of what it means to face chordoma. Yet the pressing need remains for better treatments. Today, our sights are set on treatments that don't just slow the disease down, but:

  • Eliminate tumors,
  • prevent recurrence,
  • and preserve patients’ quality of life.

With adequate investment, these new therapies are years, not decades away.

Thank you for providing a real reason for hope for everyone facing chordoma.

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