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Personalized Oncology Services

The companies listed below offer tumor profiling services of a patient’s individual tumor. The profiling tests will give you and your doctor information on what specific genetic mutations are present in your tumor. This information can be used by your doctor in treatment planning, to help guide decisions about targeted therapies.

Caris Molecular Intelligence
Molecular Intelligence is a molecular profiling service provided by Caris Life Sciences that uses a variety of methods to rationally select potential therapies for individual cancer patients.

Personal Genome Diagnostics
Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) offers a clinical Cancer Exome Analysis service, which includes sequencing of 20,766 genes. As part of this analysis, patients receive a report on the therapeutic, predictive, and prognostic implications of mutated genes and pathways with biological or clinical significance, as well as information on clinical trials related to observed gene mutations.

Foundation Medicine
Foundation Medicine offers a genomic test that analyzes routine clinical specimens for alterations in relevant cancer-related genes. The test provides individualized, actionable information to assist physicians seeking appropriate treatment options that are specific and unique to each patient.

Tempus uses genomic sequencing to identify potential genomic alterations that may impact how a patient’s cancer is behaving. The final report will be provided to your physician and will contain information regarding your tumor make up and potential targeted therapies. The report will also indicate if there are any open clinical trials that meet your profile.

Champions Biotechnology
Champions biotechnology offers the following services to cancer patients:

  • Personalized tumorgrafts: a patient’s tumor is implanted in mice and treated with a variety of different drugs to find the most effective treatment
  • Personalized oncology panel: a group of leading oncologists and cancer researchers is convened to evaluate information gathered on a patient’s tumor and recommend a therapeutic approach appropriate for that individual patient.

Nagourney Cancer Institute
Nagourney Cancer Institute helps patients and their physicians rationally select an individualized therapy based on its proprietary EVA programmed cell death (EVA-PCD) test, which assess tumor cell sensitivity to various chemotherapy drugs.

OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories
The Oregon Health and Sciences University department of pathology has developed a clinically available test for mutations that could render tumors responsive to targeted therapies that are currently in clinical development or are already FDA-approved. The test includes 649 mutations across 53 cancer genes.

New York Genome Center
The New York Genome Center offers whole genome and transcriptome sequencing (WGTS) that may detect changes in a patient’s genome associated with their type of cancer. WGTS requires both cancer tissue and healthy, non-cancer tissue and involves sequencing all regions in a patient’s DNA to identify changes in the tumor that are not present in healthy tissue.


The utility of the services offered by these companies has not been proven for the treatment of chordoma. This list is provided solely for informational purposes; inclusion of a company on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Chordoma Foundation, nor does omission imply disapproval. Furthermore, the Chordoma Foundation cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of this list. We encourage patients to discuss all treatment options with their physicians.

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