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Particle Therapy Centers

Radiotherapy using particles such as protons or carbon ions is capable of precisely delivering adequate doses of radiation to a tumor while minimizing the radiation dose to important tissue just millimeters away. As a result, particle therapy is recommended for the treatment of chordoma.

Currently, particle therapy is only available at a small number of highly specialized centers. Below is a list of all particle therapy centers around the world. More information, including the total number of patients (not specific to chordoma) treated at each center, can be found on the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group website.

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This information is not meant to suggest that particle therapy is the only form of radiotherapy appropriate for treating chordoma, nor is it meant to endorse any particular treatment center. Furthermore, the Chordoma Foundation cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of this list. We encourage patients to discuss all treatment options with their physicians.

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