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Chordoma Connections

Chordoma Connections is a private, online community where chordoma patients and their loved ones can come together in one place to exchange information, share experiences, and support one another.

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Community features

Participate in discussion forums

Use discussion forums to ask questions and get answers, provide updates about your journey with chordoma, talk with others about managing side effects, and share information about helpful resources.

Make one-on-one connections

Use private messaging to communicate directly and privately with one or more members outside of the discussion forums.

Join a country-specific group

Groups provide a dedicated space where members can support, encourage, and learn from other members who live in the same country.

Currently there are groups for: Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands

Find a specialist

Use the Survivorship Specialist Directory to find or share information about doctors or specialists who have been helpful in addressing survivorship and quality of life concerns.

Find others like you

With over 1500 members, Chordoma Connections offers a searchable directory to help you find others who may have a similar journey with chordoma.

Members can search by country/state/province, language, tumor location, and connection to chordoma.

Access resources

The resource library contains educational materials about chordoma, its treatment, and navigating life after treatment, all of which are available for download by any member in Chordoma Connections.

Join now

Joining the online community is quick and simple. Just click the link below to complete the short registration form. Once approved, you will have full access to the community and all of the features it offers.

Have questions?

If you are already a member of Chordoma Connections or are thinking about joining and you have questions, please let us know.