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General Characteristics

Age:<20 years
Disease Origin:Clival
Disease Status:Recurrent, Metastatic
Metastatic Site(s):Neck, Parotid
Sample Origin:Neck (subcutaneous)
Source:Chordoma Foundation/START
Notes:This PDX model is part of a progression model from the same patient; CF538 was derived from a metastatic recurrence (from the neck) of a clival chordoma. Other PDX models in this longitudinal series include CF459 (primary tumor), CF539 (parotid metastasis) and CF555 (local recurrence). Timeline of tumor samples is: CF459 => CF538, CF539 => CF555.

Molecular Features

T localization:Nuclear
P16 expression:No
SMARCB1 expression:No
Prior radiation:
Prior systemic therapy:
Chromosomal abnormalities:In Progress
Sequence data:In Progress

Growth Characteristics

Model animal strain:Nude


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