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The Chordoma Foundation Biobank collects and distributes biospecimens needed to advance chordoma research.

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Chordoma tissue is critical for research, but scientists have struggled to find the samples needed to learn what drives chordoma and how it might be treated. The Chordoma Foundation Biobank is solving this problem by collecting samples from patients nationwide, providing the first centralized source of chordoma samples and data to the research community. Our goal is to create a collection of chordoma tissue large enough to enable adequately-sized studies and meet the needs of researchers interested in studying chordoma.


The Chordoma Foundation operates the Biobank under an institutional review board (IRB) approved research protocol. Specimens are stored and processed through a partnership at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Our biobank team works closely with hospitals to coordinate tissue collection. Standardized kits make it easy for any hospital to provide tissue samples.


Most major cancer centers do not see more than a few cases of chordoma per year, and few routinely bank the chordomas that they do see. As a result, most researchers lack access to a sufficient amount of tissue from their institution alone. To make matters worse, it is often prohibitively difficult to find and obtain tissue from other institutions. Because demonstrating access to a reliable source of tissue is often necessary to successfully compete for grants, the lack of chordoma tissue thwarts funding of chordoma research.

The Chordoma Foundation Biobank overcomes these problems by pooling chordoma biospecimens, and making them easily accessible to qualified researchers. A single tumor contributed to the Biobank can be used to support multiple research studies in different labs, thereby maximizing the value of the each sample. By providing a reliable source of biospecimens, the Biobank will foster new research projects in labs across the world and encourage more investigators to bring their expertise to bear on chordoma.

Partner sites

The following hospitals have partnered with the Chordoma Foundation to routinely contribute chordoma tissue to the Biobank. We appreciate the cooperation and dedication of the surgeons, pathologists and staff at these hospitals whose efforts ensure that precious chordoma tissue get saved and used for research.


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