Chordoma Foundation

2020 International Chordoma Research Workshop

Thursday, July 16 – Friday, July 17 • Boston, MA
Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel

International Chordoma Research Workshop participants

Join us in Boston for an opportunity to exchange data and ideas with fellow chordoma researchers and clinicians from around the world, and to help shape future directions for chordoma research leading to the development of new treatments.

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About the Workshop

Since 2007, the International Chordoma Research Workshop (ICRW) has served as the focal point and principal gathering of the worldwide chordoma research community. In that time, we have grown from a handful of scientists in relatively few labs to a thriving global community of more than 350 researchers at top institutions worldwide.

Designed to catalyze meaningful research advances and spark collaboration, the workshop is:


Each session is designed to facilitate discussion and debate among participants and to elicit new ideas that can move the field forward.


With topics ranging from basic biology to clinical research to process improvements, the workshop attracts a diverse mix of participants who bring a wide range of complementary expertise and perspectives.

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The purpose of the workshop is to surface critical questions, identify new research opportunities, and collectively define priorities for the field.


What to expect

The workshop will consist of a mix of plenary presentations, group discussions, and informal sessions designed to facilitate participation from the attendees. It will also feature a poster session and reception on the evening of July 16, 2020, providing multiple opportunities to network with colleagues. At the conclusion of the workshop on Friday evening, participants are invited to attend a special dinner with members of the chordoma patient community at which Uncommon Awards will be presented for outstanding contributions to chordoma research and patient care.


If you are interested in sponsoring the 2020 ICRW, please review the sponsorship opportunities packet and contact Susan Horrell at

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