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Perseverance Pledge

Why Perseverance?

Justin Straus was diagnosed with chordoma in 2002 at the age of seven. Despite his young age, Justin was determined to do everything he could to help advance the search for a cure. At the Second International Chordoma Research Workshop in April 2008, he delivered a powerful speech describing his journey with chordoma and his wish for a cure to be found in time to save his life. With wit and maturity beyond his years, he urged researchers to work together so that more progress could be made in less time. Justin’s presence lit up the room and made a lasting impression on everyone.

Soon after his speech, on the eve of his 13th birthday, Justin was rushed to the hospital because of symptoms brought on by the progression of his tumor. Over the following four weeks, the tumor robbed him of many of his faculties, including his ability to see and speak. Just before his final decline, Justin made a heroic stand against his disease, communicating his final message in the only way he could, by scrawling across his whiteboard: perseverance. 

We persevere to carry on Justin’s fight. We persevere so that one-day lives will no longer be cut short by this horrific disease. We persevere because we believe a cure is within our reach.

What is the Perseverance Pledge?

Our work is ongoing, and so is our need for your support. The Perseverance Pledge is an agreement to make an ongoing, monthly contribution to support the work of the Chordoma Foundation.  Being able to count on your regular support allows us to more accurately plan and more aggressively fund research until a cure is found. A recurring gift of any amount helps ensure the long-term success of our efforts.

Pledging is simple, secure, and gives you one less thing to remember. Simply select the amount that you wish to give each month and your card will be charged monthly until you decided to stop. You won’t have to worry about how much you have given or when you last gave, and you’ll know that each month you are helping us persevere in the search for a cure.

Make a Perseverance Pledge

Perseverance Pledges

  • Jay Allen
  • Noreen Ambrose
  • Misha Angrist
  • Molly Baldwin-Buss
  • Nancy Balf
  • Shelba Barnes
  • Daniel Baroff
  • Sharon Berry
  • Dusty Bowenkamp
  • Sue Brenneman
  • Julie Brooks
  • Debbie Brown
  • Gloria Clarin
  • Louise Coates
  • Patty Cogswell
  • Mona Cohen
  • Patti Cole
  • Mary Connolly-Leubner
  • Logan Couce
  • Jennifer Cummings
  • Stephen Deshaies
  • Jan Donley
  • William Dorland
  • Julie Engelken
  • Mike Etchamendy
  • Michelle Fairclough
  • Stephanie Franks
  • Chee Fah Fu
  • Joan Funk
  • Susan Garbett
  • Mike Getchell
  • Chelsea Goldstein
  • Olga Gonzalez
  • Bobbi Gruwell
  • Mohsen Heshmati
  • Judy Johnson
  • Sunny Kantha
  • Barbara Kehler
  • Heather Lee
  • Tzuchin Lee
  • Joan Levy
  • Jason Li
  • Shannon Lozinsky
  • Debbie MacDonald
  • John Mainey
  • Jeffrey Martin
  • Brea McCormley
  • Emery Miller
  • Megan Moskop
  • Arlynn Muckey
  • Alessandra Negri
  • Naomi Nemtzow
  • Maria Nichols
  • Gillian Parrish
  • Barb Pitcher
  • Elizabeth Poston
  • Debra Alonzo Reinke
  • Nicolas Riley
  • Andrew Rothstein
  • Deborah Rusch
  • Misty Sack
  • Karen Sain
  • Robert Sargieson
  • Marc Serlin
  • Katherine Shults
  • Julie Shumaker-Harvey
  • Tammy Silverthorne
  • Scott Silverthorne
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Josh Sommer
  • Melody Soper
  • Laura Soule
  • Mike Staveris
  • Steve Straus
  • Lauren Swift
  • Robert Switzer
  • Amy Switzer Sparks
  • Tzenka Topouzova
  • Susan Woodman
  • Ellen Zaltzberg

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