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Chordoma Survivorship Survey Results

In June of 2020, we launched the Chordoma Survivorship Initiative, with the goal of empowering you to:

  1. access in-depth information, resources, and guidance specifically tailored to address the quality of life issues that most frequently affect individuals who have been affected by chordoma and
  2. get the best care and support needed to address these issues and live the fullest lives possible.

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To learn more about the quality of life challenges that you, our community members, face following a diagnosis of chordoma, we created a survey so you could easily share this information with us. We received nearly 900 responses and we want to share the results we have so far with you. We will update this page regularly so be sure to check back!

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General information about survey respondents

Quality of life challenges reported by skull base patients and survivors

Quality of life challenges reported by mobile spine patients and survivors

Quality of life challenges reported by sacral patients and survivors

Ability of patients and survivors to access care for quality of life challenges

Quality of life challenges reported by co-survivors (spouses/partners, parents, family members, friends)

Survivor and co-survivor experiences with survivorship care planning

How the Chordoma Foundation can help

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