Chordoma Foundation

2009 International Community Conference

June 26-28, 2009  |  Bethesda, MD

Chordoma Community Conference 2009

Speaker Presentations

Genetics and Epidemiology of Chordoma
Dilys Parry, PhD – National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics
Donor Dollars at Work: An Overview of Chordoma Foundation Research Funding Strategy
Josh Sommer – Chordoma Foundation
A Mouse Model of Chordoma
Brian Harfe, PhD – University of Florida
The mTOR Pathway in Chordoma
Vijaya Ramesh, PhD – Massachusetts General Hospital
Developing Chordoma Xenographs
Jean-Paul Wolinsky, MD – Johns Hopkins University (representing David Loeb, MD, PhD)
Research Update
David Alcorta, PhD – Duke University (representing Michael Kelley, MD)
High Throughput Drug Screening for Chordoma
Chris Austin, MD – NIH Chemical Genomics Center
Biospecimens: the Key to Research that Leads to the Cure
Carolyn Compton, MD, PhD – NCI Office of Biospecimens and Biorepostiory Research
Banking on a Cure: Launching the Chordoma Foundation Biobank
Josh Sommer – Chordoma Foundation
Navigating the Medical System: You are in the Driver Seat
Simone Sommer, MD, MPH – Chordoma Foundation
Funding the Cure: What it Takes to Advance the Research
Laura Gemme – Chordoma Foundation
Taking Charge of Your Healthcare Decisions
John Therien, JD – Smith Anderson Law Firm

Ask the Experts Panel

Chris Austin, MD – NIH Chemical Genomics Center [Genetics & Drug Development] Carolyn Compton, MD, PhD – NIH OBBR [Biobanking]
Brian Harfe, PhD – University of Florida [Developmental Biology] Paul Gardner, MD -University of Pittsburgh [Neurosurgery]
Norbert Liebsch, MD – Massachusetts General Hospital [Radiation Oncology] Deric Park, MD – University of Pittsburgh [Medical Oncology]
Dilys Parry, PhD – National Cancer Institute [Genetics, Familial Chordoma Study] Vijaya Ramesh, PhD – Massachusetts General Hospital [Molecular Neurogenetics]
Chandranath Sen, MD – St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital [Neurosurgery] Jean-Paul Wolinsky, MD – Johns Hopkins University [Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery]

Coordinating Committee

  • Sharon Berlan
  • Bill Dorland
  • Laura Gemme
  • Norma Jones
  • Heather Lee
  • Debbie MacDonald
  • Lynette Nelson
  • Candice Owen
  • Shawn Owenberg
  • Adriane Rothstein
  • Karen Sain
  • Simone Sommer
  • Michael Torrey


  • Abby Becherer
  • Diane Evia-Lanevi
  • Nina Halper
  • Keith Johnson
  • Sammy Lanevi
  • John Nelson
  • Nora Onufer
  • Kerry Shad
  • Sue Shimer
  • David Small
  • Elise Stoll
  • Steve Straus
  • Bryan Sykora
  • Joe Sykora
  • Candice Owen Walsh
  • Sydney Warren

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