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New radiation therapy trial for chordoma patients open at MGH

Dr. Tom DeLaney of Massachusetts General Hospital is leading a new Phase II study that will utilize the newest technology in radiation therapy to treat chordomas.

The study, Phase II Study of High-dose Beam Scanning Proton Radiation Treatment +/- Surgical Resection of Sarcomas of the Spine, Sacrum, and Base of Skull, will enroll patients with chordomas of the base of skull, spine or sacrum; or chondrosarcomas of the spine or sacrum. The study will also be open soon at MD Anderson. Proton beam scanning potentially allows delivery of the planned radiation dose to the tumor to a greater degree, while shaping the radiation dose to avoid important structures close to the tumor. The study investigators believe that the higher tumor dose delivered with this technology will lead to improved tumor control and fewer side effects from radiation.

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