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A time of great momentum

We are moving ahead with big plans this year.


The year has started off with a feeling of great momentum at the Chordoma Foundation thanks to an outpouring of support for our recently-launched ALL IN campaign – including more than $3M in just the last few months. It’s energizing to think about what this will allow us to accomplish, and we are profoundly grateful to everyone who contributed to this groundswell.

Building on this momentum, we are moving ahead with big plans this year, and we wanted to take a moment to share what your support is making possible in 2020.

Thank you for standing with us during this exciting time and for being a part of this increasingly powerful movement. We look forward to making great progress together this year and to keeping you posted as we announce significant new investments in the coming months.

2020 Priorities

Your support is driving progress in each of the five focus areas of our ALL IN campaign to improve lives and accelerate cures.

Brachyury drug discovery

Developing drugs that strike at the Achilles’ heel of chordoma

Launch repositories of key brachyury-related research toolsSupport discovery of the first compounds that inhibit brachyury in cellsFacilitate investment in brachyury drug discovery by companies


Applying powerful new technologies to harness the immune system to fight chordoma

Support discovery of a chordoma-specific cell surface marker that could be a target for immunotherapySupport research to identify predictors of response to immune checkpoint inhibitor drugsCo-fund high-impact immunotherapy grants with the Cancer Research Institute

Drug repurposing

Systematically identifying existing drugs that can help chordoma patients in the near term

Screen all existing drugs in chordoma cell linesTest the most promising drugs and drug combinations in chordoma mouse modelsInitiate at least one new clinical trial

Improving the patient experience

Helping patients and their families confidently take on health challenges and get the best care possible

Produce new educational content geared toward survivorship needs of our communityProvide greater support and more valuable resources to patients after treatment

Learning from each patient

Understanding how different treatments impact patient outcomes to continually improve patient care

Establish a way for patients to contribute medical records to researchFacilitate collaboration among leading treatment centers to identify patterns of response to radiotherapy

Currently, every contribution to the Chordoma Foundation is being matched dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000 with $212,000 remaining to be matched. To take advantage of this matching opportunity donate here or get in touch to discuss other ways to give.

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