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Head of Clinical Research

Fifteen years of investment by the Chordoma Foundation in basic, translational and early clinical research has yielded a growing pipeline of promising systemic therapy concepts, spanning new drug development, repositioning and repurposing. As these concepts advance and the therapeutic pipeline continues to grow, there is an increasing need for the Foundation to play a larger and more active role in driving clinical research. Our new Head of Clinical Research will lead that critical aspect of our research mission.

The primary aims of this role are to:

  • Accelerate clinical evaluation of new therapeutic concepts
  • Deepen understanding of the natural history of the disease
  • Generate evidence needed to enable better, more personalized care

In this position, you will be responsible for shaping our clinical research strategy, overseeing our clinical research-enabling programs, managing relationships with various stakeholders, and proactively initiating new projects and partnerships. You will advance research both by supporting the work of academic investigators and companies, and – akin to a virtual biotech – by directing your own research, leveraging the Foundation’s own data and broad patient network. Your work will take place within a nimble and supportive work environment and within a collaborative, constructive and mission-oriented research community focused on improving the lives of patients.


  • New full-time position
  • Fully remote, open to candidates located anywhere in the U.S.
  • Travel required to Foundation events and research conferences
  • Reports to the Executive Director
  • Collaborates with the Head of Target Discovery and Translational Research, Head of New Drug Development and Director of Patient Services


Therapy evaluation

  • Partner with the Head of Target Discovery and Translational Research and the Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB) to identify, vet, shape, and fund promising trial concepts
  • Proactively support investigators and sponsors on trial design, initiation and/or amendments to minimize trial timelines, and ensure protocols appropriately reflect MAB guidance and patient needs
  • Engage the chordoma patient community in our trial strategy, gathering and incorporating their input on the design and process of trials to ensure their needs are central to our approach
  • Collaborate with the Foundation’s Patient Services and Engagement teams to drive patient participation
  • Oversee and monitor progress of supported studies
  • Lead efforts to increase the speed, feasibility and impact of clinical trials, including through implementation of improved mechanisms for trial initiation and accrual, and development and adoption of chordoma-relevant trial endpoints

Natural history and observational research

  • Collaborate with our MAB to clearly define and prioritize clinical research questions
  • Manage partnerships with various investigator-led observational studies including ongoing studies through NCI, AOSpine, the Proton Collaborative Group and others
  • Design and implement a clinical data registry(ies) to support natural history research, leveraging the Foundation’s broad patient and provider networks
  • Co-manage the Chordoma Foundation Biobank with the Head of Target Discovery and Translational Research, leading clinical data and biospecimen acquisition and promoting accrual through direct patient participation and partnerships with high-volume treatment centers
  • Partner with the Patient Services team to facilitate collection and structuring of data from Patient Navigation interactions

Healthcare improvement

  • Support development and/or updates of treatment guidelines, including by NCCN and the Global Chordoma Consensus Group
  • Facilitate dissemination of new clinically-relevant evidence to treating physicians through multiple channels

Strategy, relationships and revenue

  • Develop and maintain relationships with key clinical research stakeholders including clinical researchers, leading healthcare providers, industry clinical development and advocacy relations teams, regulatory agency staff, other clinical research focused nonprofits, and relevant funders
  • Manage the Foundation’s MAB, working with the MAB chair to design and lead MAB meetings and synthesize input from MAB members to guide our clinical research strategy and investments
  • Leverage the Foundation’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) and other key stakeholders in the patient community to inform our clinical research strategy
  • Convene and connect clinical research stakeholders including by hosting research roundtables and co-organizing the Foundation’s biannual research workshops
  • Periodically review and update our clinical research strategy with input from relevant stakeholders
  • Guide clinical development strategy of companies working to develop or reposition drugs for chordoma with input from KOLs on our MAB
  • Pursue funding for the Foundation’s clinical research priorities from industry partners, government funding agencies and foundations, and partner with the Development team on fundraising from individual donors


  • Doctoral degree (PhD, MD or PharmD)
  • At least five years of professional experience in oncology clinical development
  • Familiarity with the cancer therapy and drug development landscape
  • Excellent ability to manage relationships, influence various stakeholders, and coordinate with partners to achieve specific objectives
  • Strong data management skills, including a working knowledge of common clinical data ontologies, and best practices for structuring and storage of clinical data
  • Experience supervising contractors/vendors, ensuring high productivity and quality work
  • Highly organized and able to successfully advance multiple projects in parallel
  • An optimistic outlook and an entrepreneurial approach, with the ability to conceive of and implement new solutions or programs as needed
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including a strong ability to translate scientific concepts into terms understandable to business and lay audiences
  • Strong inclination to use technology to maximize efficiency


The Chordoma Foundation offers a competitive salary and benefits package including:

  • 100% employer-sponsored health insurance plan
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • SIMPLE IRA with company matching
  • Holidays and paid time off

Other perks of this job include:

  • Substantial schedule flexibility
  • Significant visibility and network-building opportunities with premier scientists, companies and investors
  • Support for professional development, learning and skills building
  • Highly nimble, efficient and tech-enabled work environment
  • Opportunities to initiate, build and own new programs, projects and alliances
  • Personal connection with the patients and families whose lives your work will touch


The Chordoma Foundation is a nonprofit organization created by patients and families to be an agent of change on behalf of those affected by chordoma – a rare bone cancer of the skull and spine. We envision a future in which everyone diagnosed with chordoma is able to overcome their disease and maintain their quality of life. To realize this vision, we help patients and families dealing with chordoma take on their disease, armed with information from the world’s leading medical experts as well as support from a community of peers. At the same time, we help doctors, researchers, and companies work together to accelerate the development of better treatments for the disease. Since 2007, our work has enabled thousands of patients to get the care they need, produced the first published treatment guidelines for chordoma, and advanced research that has resulted in seven new clinical trials. Now, with a motivated community of patients, doctors, and researchers, and new, even more powerful drugs in development, we are on the cusp of changing the outlook for individuals with this disease. We are looking for passionate and entrepreneurial professionals to join us in this quest.

Please apply using the form below (or here).


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