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  2. Webinar: Dealing with cancer-related fatigue

Webinar: Dealing with cancer-related fatigue

13:00 EDT
Virtual United States
Cancer-related fatigue webinar graphic

In 2021, we hosted a Virtual Chordoma Community Conference (CCC) Series of five webinars about some of the most common quality of life challenges you face.

Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment. In fact, responses to our Chordoma Survivorship Survey show that 59 percent of chordoma patients and survivors experienced fatigue since being treated. It is important to get help managing cancer-related fatigue as it can have a significant impact on your quality of life. In this webinar, experts Pouneh Fazeli, MD, and Eric Roeland, MD, talk about the possible causes of fatigue, ways to manage fatigue, and how the Chordoma Foundation can support you.

Featured speakers

Pouneh Fazeli, MD, MPH

Director, Neuroendocrinology Unit
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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Eric Roeland, MD

Palliative care and medical oncology physician
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Oregon Health & Science University

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Information provided by the panelists is not patient-specific and is not medical advice. Please follow up with your doctor to discuss the information you learn from this webinar.

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