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  2. Zoom-Café Germany: Virtual support group

Zoom-Café Germany: Virtual support group

Our virtual support groups provide the opportunity to come together with other people affected by chordoma to support and learn from one another, make new connections, and exchange information.

19:30 GMT+2

Zoom-Café Germany

About the facilitators: Irene Badura and Carolina Herzfeld are the Chordoma Foundation’s ambassadors for Germany. Irene's grandson was diagnosed with chordoma in 2019. She works as a neuropsychologist in an early rehabilitation facility in southern Germany. Carolina was diagnosed with chordoma in 2015. She firmly believes that, in addition to professional medical care, healing requires patients and caregivers to connect and exchange experiences.

Who should attend:
The group is for anyone with chordoma and/or their loved ones. Please note that the language of communication in this group is German.

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