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  2. 2022 Chordoma Community Conference at NYU Langone Health

2022 Chordoma Community Conference at NYU Langone Health

All Day
435 E. 30th Street New York, NY United States
2022 CCC at NYU Langone Health group photo

2022 Chordoma Community Conference at NYU Langone Health

After two years of virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chordoma Community Conference was held in-person on Saturday, October 1st at NYU Langone Health.

The morning began with our opening session, where patients and caregivers had the opportunity to learn from local chordoma experts and ask questions about the latest treatment options and research. During the afternoon attendees could attend one of two breakout sessions focused on living with chordoma, followed by the latest advances in research, and lived experiences.

The conference focused on an array of topics including:

  • treatment including surgery and radiation therapy
  • immunotherapy and targeted drug therapy
  • clinical trials
  • emotional and peer support
  • living with the consequences of chordoma
  • the Foundation’s role in driving chordoma research

Speaker presentations

View agenda

Josh Sommer, Chordoma Foundation
John Golfinos, MD

State of the art treatment

Chandra Sen, MD View slides
Nicola Fabbri, MD View slides
Daniel Sciubba, MD, Northwell Health
Douglas Kondziolka, MD View Slides
Josh Yamada, MD (MSKCC) View Slides
Gregory Cote, MD, PhD (MGH) View Slides

Ask the experts panel

Ilya Laufer, MD

Nicola Fabbri, MD
Shannon MacDonald, MD (MGH)
Chandra Sen, MD
Josh Yamada, MD (MSKCC)
Gregory Cote, MD, PhD (MGH)

Decide Happy

Susan Hall, chordoma survivor, author, and Chordoma Foundation Peer Guide

Living with chordoma: Skull base and upper cervical spine
Cinthi Pillai, MD neuro-ophthalmology View Slides
Nidhi Agrawal, MD neuro-endocrinology View Slides

Living with chordoma: Lower cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral

Lisa Ruppert, MD (MSKCC) physiatry View Slides
Benjamin Brucker, MD urology

Moving towards personalized care

Personalized medicine and chordoma

Dan Freed, PhD View slides

Making testing work for you
Matija Snuderl, MD

Advancing the search for a cure

Josh Sommer (Chordoma Foundation)


Sharon Berlan, chordoma survivor and Chordoma Foundation Peer Guide View slides
Chandra Sen, MD

Watch conference sessions

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