Chordoma Foundation

Community Conferences

2015 New York Chordoma Community Conference

Chordoma Community Conferences are a time for patients and their loved ones to come together to learn about the latest advances in chordoma research and treatment, connect with one another, and take action to achieve our shared vision for a better future for those affected by chordoma. Community conferences provide unique opportunities to hear directly from leading chordoma doctors and researchers, and to meet a community of peers who share similar experiences. Our hope is that participants come away more informed, connected with a supportive community, and empowered to take on life with chordoma.

What are International Chordoma Community Conferences?

International Chordoma Community Conferences (ICCCs) are held once every other year in the days following the International Chordoma Research Workshops (ICRWs), which bring together multidisciplinary researchers and doctors from across the world to exchange ideas about advancing the cure for chordoma.

ICCCs begin on Friday afternoon and continue on Saturday with sessions designed to help participants learn about chordoma treatment advances and gain practical skills to help manage the challenges brought on by chordoma. At ICCCs, participants have unique opportunities to learn from members of the Foundation’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Boards and ask questions about the latest treatment options and research. Topics typically include recent research advances, current treatment recommendations, clinical trials, survivorship care, and quality of life.

What are regional Chordoma Community Conferences?

Along with our ICCCs, in 2015 we began offering regional community conferences throughout the U.S. and Europe to bring the latest updates in chordoma research and care to patients and caregivers in their own communities. These one-day conferences are held in collaboration with medical centers that have multidisciplinary teams of experts who have experience caring for chordoma patients. We have been fortunate to partner with a number of leading medical centers throughout the U.S. and Europe to host these conferences.

Past conferences

You can view agendas, presentations, pictures, and – in recent years – video from each of our past conferences by visiting the links below.