Chordoma Foundation

2013 Research Workshop



Highlights from the Research Workshop

    • More than 100 participants from nine countries participated, a 30% increase from 2011
    • 28 presentations and 18 posters on new, unpublished data
    • Six pharmaceutical and biotech companies in attendance, reflecting a growing sense of opportunity to translate discoveries into new therapies for this orphan disease
    • Three new clinical trials are planned that will soon open to chordoma patients
    • Several drugs were found to stabilize or shrink chordoma tumors in mice
    • New chordoma cell lines, mouse models and zebrafish models are being developed, which will enable more compounds to be tested
    • The first clinical practice guidelines for chordoma were presented, accomplishing a goal identified at the first research workshop
    • Plans were discussed for developing an international patient registry to track patient outcome and quality of life over time and more accurately determine the benefits of various therapies