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  2. Adolescents and young adults: Virtual support group

Adolescents and young adults: Virtual support group

Our virtual support groups provide the opportunity to come together with other people affected by chordoma to support and learn from one another, make new connections, and exchange information.

18:00 EDT
Virtual United States


Patients and survivors ages 16 to 30 years old are welcome to attend this group. Meetings are held on Zoom.

Once you submit the registration form, you'll receive further info via email about how to join the meeting. If you need help registering, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.

Please select your language.
Please note that the language of communication in this group is English


The Chordoma Foundation values your privacy and will not sell or share your information with any other organizations.

Please note: This group is offered to the chordoma community free of charge as a means of connection with others and emotional support and does not constitute mental health treatment.

About the facilitator

Kaitlin Slepian was diagnosed with poorly differentiated chordoma in 2016. Her caner diagnosis transformed her life and was a catalyst for her passion to support children and families in coping with the challenges of illness and hospitalization. She has significant experience working with children and families in stressful situations as well as a background in child development and family dynamics. Kaitlin received her Masters in Child Life and Family-Centered Care from Boston University.

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