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Clinical Trials

This page lists all open clinical trials that are specifically recruiting chordoma patients.

Clinical trials give patients an opportunity to receive new, experimental treatments that have the potential to offer more benefit than clinically available alternatives, or to receive clinically available treatments at no cost. In addition to having the potential to benefit from the latest treatments, chordoma patients who participate in clinical trials contribute to knowledge that can guide therapy for future patients and potentially help identify new ways of treating this rare cancer. Before enrolling in a clinical trial it is important to understand the potential risks and benefits, and to discuss your options with your physicians.








NCT01924689 Clostridium Novyi-NT Advanced tumor, no direct bone involvement Phase I Controlled infection of tumor by tumor-seeking bacteria (“biosurgery”) plus induced immune response Hypoxia Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, University of Michigan
NCT02383498 GI-6301 plus radiotherapy Locally advanced, unresectable chordoma prior to radiation Phase II Induced immune response to cells expressing the brachyury protein Brachyury National Cancer Institute
NCT02601950 Tazemetostat INI-1 negative tumors Phase II Inhibition of EZH2 enzyme EZH2 Multi-center with international locations
NCT02601937 Tazemetostat Pediatric INI-1 negative tumors Phase I Inhibition of EZH2 enzyme EZH2 Multi-center with international locations. Sponsor approval required for chordoma.

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Useful Information About Clinical Trials

The Chordoma Foundation cannot guarantee the completeness of this list of clinical trials. For more information about clinical trials that you might qualify for, consult with your physician or visit Please contact us if you are aware of additional clinical trials open to chordoma patients.