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Welcoming the unwelcome guest: Parenting with chordoma

For Mike Queensland and Kimberly Ochs, parenting with chordoma has been a lesson in letting go of control, learning to assess which challenges and opportunities they can take on, and empowering their loved ones to offer support. Though their families and experiences are different, many of their tips for navigating chordoma while parenting are the same. Continue reading

An unexpected champion: Jeff Schilling’s story

Jeff Schilling never expected to be the kind of person who openly shared his experiences with cancer, and he certainly never planned to do it in front of an entire bowling alley full of people.
When Jeff was first diagnosed with chordoma 18 years ago, he didn’t even want to talk about it. At 25 years old, he wasn’t about to let the fact that he had a rare cancer define him or change how people saw him. Continue reading

The One in a Million Benefit: Helping give others with chordoma a future

Chordoma caregiver and fundraiser Noreen Potempa gave an inspiring talk at our Chordoma Community Conference at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago … Continue reading

Grateful for life-saving support, couple embarks on mission to champion research for others

Michael and Noreen Potempa had just retired and were looking forward to the next chapter in their lives together when … Continue reading

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