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Welcoming the unwelcome guest: Parenting with chordoma

For Mike Queensland and Kimberly Ochs, parenting with chordoma has been a lesson in letting go of control, learning to assess which challenges and opportunities they can take on, and empowering their loved ones to offer support. Though their families and experiences are different, many of their tips for navigating chordoma while parenting are the same. Continue reading

The quietly powerful gifts of Michael Torrey

When Michael Torrey was diagnosed with chordoma in 2004, he approached it with a builder’s perspective, systematically researching the landscape and assembling key players to construct the strongest and most supportive framework possible for tackling his rare disease. Continue reading

Susie Rinehart’s Fierce Joy

Susie Rinehart has always been strong. She’s a mom, a leadership coach, an international girls’ empowerment advocate, and an ultrarunner. But beneath the veneer of confidence and success, she struggled with anxiety and depression, feelings she neither shared nor confronted until a diagnosis of chordoma forced her to reconsider what mattered most. Continue reading

Todd Balf’s Complications: A book about recovery, setbacks, and, ultimately, hope

Todd Balf doesn’t think of himself as a survivor. He is, by his own description, a “quote-unquote regular guy” who has been through an extraordinary set of circumstances. You can read Todd’s story in his new book, Complications published in July as part of a new Scribd Original series of audio and ebooks. Continue reading

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