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Experiencing survivorship from the co-survivor’s perspective

Chordoma doesn’t just affect the individuals diagnosed; it also affects their loved ones. If you offer the crucial emotional, physical, financial, or spiritual support that someone with chordoma needs, you are a co-survivor. Continue reading

Susie Rinehart’s Fierce Joy

Susie Rinehart has always been strong. She’s a mom, a leadership coach, an international girls’ empowerment advocate, and an ultrarunner. But beneath the veneer of confidence and success, she struggled with anxiety and depression, feelings she neither shared nor confronted until a diagnosis of chordoma forced her to reconsider what mattered most. Continue reading

Todd Balf’s Complications: A book about recovery, setbacks, and, ultimately, hope

Todd Balf doesn’t think of himself as a survivor. He is, by his own description, a “quote-unquote regular guy” who has been through an extraordinary set of circumstances. You can read Todd’s story in his new book, Complications published in July as part of a new Scribd Original series of audio and ebooks. Continue reading

Veteran cycler and chordoma survivor advance cutting-edge chordoma research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

In their nearly 30 years of friendship, Todd Balf and Chris McKeown have cycled thousands of miles together. From treks … Continue reading

Jessica’s Uncommon Story: If you stay positive through your fight, you will be an inspiration for everyone else!

I was diagnosed in June of 2009 at the age of 26! I had been complaining for over ten years … Continue reading

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