Chordoma Foundation

Sponsor a project

The following projects are in need of funding. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring one of these, or any other, projects.

Online Newsletter – $2,000

A monthly update about research and treatment advances, Chordoma Foundation initiatives, and stories of hope distributed to over 5,000 readers. Branded sponsorship optional.

Bank a Cell Line – $6,000

Deposit one chordoma cell line in the Chordoma Cell Line Collection at ATCC, making it easily accessible to the entire scientific community in perpetuity.

Bottleneck Grant – $5,000

Small, quick turn-around grants to enable a researcher to carry out an important project that would be possible but for one missing reagent, service, or device.

Cell Line Prize – $10,000

A reward for developing a new, validated chordoma cell line, meant to incentivize attempts to create these critical research tools in numerous labs.

1 Year Seed Grant – $25,000

A peer-reviewed grant for a researcher to start a new project, test a hypothesis or generate preliminary data needed to apply for larger, multi-year grants.

2 Year Seed Grant – $50,000

A seed grant with a longer time horizon for more in-depth or time-intensive projects.