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In humanity’s long fight against cancer, many have given selflessly to change the odds for those who will come next. But seldom does an opportunity arise to improve the outlook for those currently fighting – to make science outpace the progression of an individual’s disease. Thanks to recent research advances, however, now is such a moment for a rare and relentless form of bone cancer called chordoma. It’s a moment that doesn’t come along often and one we know we must seize.

For those close to this research, the excitement is palpable and the sense of possibility is stirring. By putting this progress in view, in focus, and in context for the families who stand to benefit from it, we’ll provide real hope for those affected by this disease and encourage them to take part in solving this problem.

To do so, we’re seeing a science writer to help give our community a close-up guided tour of our quest to cure chordoma, a realistic and relatable sense of where the research is heading, and onramps to get involved themselves. 

Goals and deliverables

Our science writer will:

  • Engender a well-justified sense of hope among our constituents by increasing awareness and understanding of the progress that is being made toward better treatments.
  • Increase patient participation in research by educating members of the chordoma community about studies that could be relevant and beneficial to them.
  • Inspire current and prospective donors/funders to support our work by conveying compelling research opportunities and by demonstrating the impact of past funding.

Deliverables may include: 

  • Blogs and announcements: tell the story of chordoma research progress as it happens by reporting on notable research milestones, new research investments, important publications, etc.
  • Research summaries: succinctly explain the research programs and projects we support, conveying in lay terms why each is important, how it fits into our overall research strategy, and how it advances the search for better treatments.
  • Study recruitment materials: inform patients about opportunities to participate in research, including clinical trials, natural history studies, and biospecimen collection protocols.
  • New stories: follow your curiosity to uncover and report on interesting stories that make chordoma research feel more tangible to our community, and connect our work to broader events or trends in science and medicine.

Position overview

This is a fully remote, flexible contractor role. We expect the time commitment to be around 10-15 hours per month (variable; could be more or less). To apply, fill out the form below or click here.

Note: Opportunity to join us full time

Concurrently, we’re recruiting for a full-time staff role: Development and Engagement Officer. If you have additional talents and experience harnessing your communication skills to rally community participation, we encourage you to apply for that position.


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