Chordoma Foundation

Participate in Research

By participating in research chordoma patients can help scientists discover the causes of chordoma and identify new treatment options. There are several research studies currently enrolling chordoma patients:

Chordoma Foundation Biobank

Researchers need chordoma tissue to make discoveries that will lead to new treatments and, ultimately, a cure for chordoma. However, lack of chordoma tissue poses a major challenge to advancing chordoma research. One important way that patients can help overcome this challenge and expedite chordoma research is by donating tissue to the Chordoma Foundation Biobank. Learn more »

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a type of research study that involves treating patients with a an experimental medicine under controlled conditions. For information about clinical trials and a complete list of clinical trials open to chordoma patients visit the clinical trials page.

Genetics Study

The National Cancer Institute Chordoma Genetics Study seeks to understand the genes responsible for causing chordoma. It is currently recruiting both patients with a family history of chordoma, as well as individuals who are the only member of their family affected by chordoma.

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