Chordoma Foundation

2011 International Community Conference

March 18-20, 2011  |  Bethesda, MD

Speaker Presentations

Surviving and Thriving 
Anne Willis –  National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Chordoma 101
Ed Les, MD, DVM – Chordoma Foundation board member
Care for Caregivers
Amy Sales, MSW, LCSW-C
For the Bereaved – Living While Grieving
Drucilla Brethwaite, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C – Life With Cancer
Oncology Clinical Drug Development
Sandra Silberman, MD, PhD – Quintiles Innovation
You’re in the Driver’s Seat – Navigating the Medical System
Laurel Gregory – Patient Advocate Foundation
Community Action Showcase
Deirdre Callahan – Chordoma Foundation
Familial Chordoma Study
Dilys Pary, PhD – National Cancer Institute
Latest Research from University College London
Adrienne Flanagan, MD, PhD – University College London
Latest Research from Johns Hopkins University
Ahmed Mohyeldin, MD, PhD – Johns Hopkins University
Forward Together: Patient-centered Outcomes in Research, Education & Advocacy
Supplementary Materials
Erin Dunbar, MD – University of Florida
Being Well With Disease
Micheline Toussaint, MSW, LCSW, RYT – Life with Cancer Family Center

Ask the Experts Panel

Erin Dunbar, MD – University of Florida [Medical Oncology] Tom DeLaney, MD – Massachusetts General Hospital [Radiation Oncology]
Adrienne Flanagan, MD, PhD – Univeristy College London [Pathology, Molecular Biology] Paul Gardner, MD – University of Pittsburgh [Neurosurgery]
Dilys Parry, PhD – National Cancer Institute [Genetics, Familial Chordoma Study] Scott Schuetze, MD, PhD – University of Michigan [Medical Oncology]

Coordinating Committee

  • Sharon Berlan
  • Alicia Jeffreys
  • Norma Jones
  • Ian Laird
  • Debbie MacDonald
  • Colleen Riccomini
  • Adriane Rothstein
  • Laura (Gemme) Triplett
  • Michael Torrey
  • Bill Victor
  • Candice Walsh


  • Lynette Johnson
  • Sara Husein
  • Marley Jay
  • Diane Evia-Lanevi
  • Ingemar Lanevi
  • Samantha Lanevi
  • Kathleen Milczarski
  • Karen Sain
  • Erin Smith
  • Casey Smith
  • Carolyn Steinle
  • Robinson Strauss
  • Jason Straus
  • Jack Victor
  • Candice Walsh

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