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Wall Street Journal recognizes CF cell line prize as a model for stimulating research

The Chordoma Foundation has awarded a $10,000 prize to Dr. Beate Rinner at the Medical University of Graz in Austria for developing a new valid chordoma cell line. Dr. Rinner’s cell line will now be the third cell line (towards our goal of 10) made available to the research community through Chordoma Foundation’s Cell Line Repository. A paper describing the creation of the new cell line, called MUG-Chor1, is available here.

Wall Street Journal health reporter, Amy Marcus, announced this cell line prize in a story on the WSJ Health Blog this week. The story highlighted the Foundation’s cell line prize as a novel solution to the rampant problem of contamination and misidentification of cancer cell lines recently reported in the WSJ. According to the article, “leaders in the field say one of the biggest obstacles to finding a cancer cure may not be the many defenses nature affords malignancies, but the reluctance of scientists to address the problem.” By requiring that cell lines be validated as a condition of the prize and before being accepted into the Cell Line Repository, and by taking regular quality control measures, the Foundation has eliminated the use of invalid cell lines in chordoma research.

Cell lines are critical for understanding chordoma and developing new treatments. However, scarcity of valid chordoma cell lines has been a major obstacle for chordoma research. To overcome this problem, the Chordoma Foundation aims to create 10 valid chordoma cell lines, and offers a prize to encourage the development of new chordoma cell lines. The Foundation partnered with InnoCentive – a global marketplace that connects solution seekers with over 200,000 interested scientists – to advertise and administer the prize.

This prize to Dr. Rinner is the second cell line prize awarded by the Foundation. It was made possible by a generous contribution from Malik and Jamellah Ellis of Bowie, Maryland. The Foundation is seeking sponsors for additional cell line prizes. To sponsor a cell line prize click here or contact

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