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Remembering those we’ve lost to chordoma

chordoma memorial tribute

Chordoma Community Conferences are a time for us to come together to share our lives with one another – the joys, surprises, complexities, and difficulties beyond what many of us could have imagined. Thanks to the unfaltering hard work and support of the dedicated members of the chordoma community, we have much progress to celebrate at the upcoming conference in Boston on March 23 and 24, including the launch of CF’s new online community, Chordoma Connections, and a wave of new treatments that are now being studied in clinical trials.

Still, the poignant reality is that we continue to fight a deadly disease, and we have experienced losses within our community. The families and friends of those we’ve lost are still part of our community, and we remember those who are no longer with us. As part of our upcoming International Chordoma Community Conference, we are preparing a memorial presentation to honor, remember, and celebrate the lives of those chordoma community members who have passed.

Regardless of your plans for attending the conference, you can contribute to the memorial and we will recognize your loved ones.

Please note we are no longer accepting submissions to the chordoma memorial tribute to be shown at the 2018 International Chordoma Community Conference.

Chordoma Foundation volunteers Kris Stahl and Maureen LaForge will compile the submissions into a slideshow. Kris and Maureen will introduce and present the slideshow on the Saturday morning of the conference. This presentation will be included in the live stream of the conference, so those not able to attend will still be able to view the memorial. It will also be uploaded to the Foundation’s YouTube channel following the conference.

For questions, please email Kris and Maureen at We hope to hear from you and to see you in Boston on March 23-24.


2018 International Chordoma Community Conference Organizing Committee
Sharon Berlan
Nadine Cordova
Susan Garbett 
Norma Jones
Maureen LaForge
Adriane Rothstein
Kris Stahl
Tim Zellers